Why You Shouldn’t be Shy about Claiming Workplace Accident Compensation



Some people consider that health and safety legislation in the UK has got out of hand, especially as much of it originates from the EU commissions and is applied indiscriminately across all businesses irrespective of their size and ability to implement all the necessary precautionary measures. Others welcome each new piece of legislation, presumably thinking that workplaces across the country will be safer than ever.

The fact is that workplace accidents still happen, despite the copious amounts of rules and regulations which should supposedly prevent such incidents, and according to http://shireslaw.com lots of people claim personal injury compensation for workplace accidents. So why shouldn’t you?

More serious than it may seem

If you maybe feel a little awkward about claiming compensation, just remember that it is your employer’s insurance company which will pay your personal injury claim, not your employer directly.

And what’s more, you could take a lesson from the following case, in which a teaching assistant in the UK received a substantial compensation payout after dislocating her finger when she tripped at work. She injured her elbow and dislocated her finger, which on the face of it doesn’t sound so bad; but unfortunately she suffered from an ongoing condition called reflex sympathetic dystrophy, which is a malfunctioning of the body’s nervous system, resulting in pain and swelling. Following the accident, she suffered from continual pain and was unable to return to work, depending on her husband to look after her.

Your right to claim

If you suffer an accident at work – then you are, by UK law, entitled to seek appropriate compensation for any injuries sustained as result of the accident. Injuries might be minor or incapacitating and affect your life permanently in the future.

You should not feel squeamish about claiming what is rightfully yours. After all, your employer has a duty to ensure your health and safety in the workplace and take all reasonable precautionary measures to create a safe working environment for all employees.

If your employer has been negligent and has not complied with their responsibilities, then you have every right to seek redress, through the courts if necessary.

Legal advice is essential before making a claim

If you plan to make a personal injury claim for damages, then you must seek professional advice regarding the matter. Experts in the field, such as http://shireslaw.com, are able to provide a wealth of claims experience and advise you accordingly based on the circumstances of your accident and degree of negligence exhibited by your employer.

Preparing your claim involves collating all relevant information regarding your accident such as witness statements regarding what happened, photographic evidence of the accident scene, and any other pertinent details such as known breaches of health and safety regulations, and similar accidents or incidents which may have occurred previously.

Seeking expert legal help will ensure your chances of making a successful claim for personal injury compensation for an accident in the workplace.


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