What is British Gas Homecare service and how it is meeting customer needs of different classes?


dfdBritish Gas is a prominent name in the energy sector of the UK. They are meeting the energy needs of more than 11 million households across the UK. They are providing a variety of energy solutions to their customers and British Homecare is one of them. It is a basic product providing cover for the gas boilers, maintenance, breakdown, plumbing and other repairing services. Their aim is to provide a smooth flow of energy to the homes in the UK. Currently, they have hired more than 6,500 engineers whose task is to deal with the security with the security concerns related to the British Gas services. It means that if you have a connection of British Gas to your home then you are in safe hands. The best part about British Gas is that they have designed services according to the customer needs therefore Homecare service is further divided into four parts:

  • Homecare One
  • This package includes annual service of your boiler
  • It includes any sort of repairs to your thermostat, gas boiler and programmer
  • Homecare Two
  • It includes annual boiler services
  • Offering repair services to your boiler, thermostat and programmer
  • It includes repair to your Central heating system. It also includes repair to radiator and hot water cylinders
  • Homecare Three
  • Annual service of your boiler
  • Includes any type of repairs to thermostat, programmer and gas boiler
  • Repairs to your Central Heating System. If hot water cylinders or radiator are damaged they will repair it too
  • They repair leakage from your hot and cold water pipes
  • They repair your drainage pipes and unblock them
  • Homecare Four
  • It includes annual service of your boiler
  • They repair your thermostat, gas boiler and programmer
  • Repair leakage in your cold and hot water pipes
  • They repair your Central Heating System. They also repair hot water cylinders and radiator if they are damaged
  • Unblock drainage pipes and restore flow
  • Repair leakage from your cold and hot water pipes
  • This package includes repairs to your electrical wirings

You can select from any of these four Homecare packages according to your needs and wants. All these packages are priced differently. Out of these fourth one is the most comprehensive and expensive packagewhereas the rest of three covers minor leakage issues and boiler services.

In case you are not happy with the service quality or you have not received proper services from British Gas then you can feel free to make a complaint against their services. You can expect the following attitude from them:

  • British Gas customer service staff will instantly respond to your complain
  • They will share their efforts they are making in resolving your issue
  • If the issue is time consuming then they will keep updating you on a daily basis
  • They will treat you fairly and you will not experience any type of favouritism
  • If they don’t come up with a desire solution then you can contact Financial Ombudsman

In case of any query or complaint you can dial British Gas homecare customer service number. If you’re unable to connect your call with them then you can take help from any third company. http//LeadingNumbers.co.ukwill directly connect your call with the British Gas customer service department in a very short time. So, you just need to sit back and Leading Numbers will find the contact details of the organization you are looking for.

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