What are the Factors that Determine Bail Amounts in Legal Cases


Have you ever wondered how a judge grants bail to different people at different amount? How does he know what amount to charge for a bail? Whom does he consult? If you are inquisitive to find out, then the below mentioned content will be of use to you.

Factors that Impact Your Bail Amount

Bail is a freedom granted to the accused for exchange of cash or property. If the accused agrees to attend all his court hearings, then the court will refund the amount, whether he or she is guilty or not.

Depending from country to country a police or a judge sets a bail amount. If the police sets it, the judge can review the amount, and then lower or raise the bail amount after a bail hearing. In addition to this, the judge can even grant a ROR, otherwise known as Release on One’s Own Recognizance.

Now, do not think that everyone is liable for a bail. There are certain factors that determine who will be granted bail and what would be the amount that will be liable for payment:

  • The accused criminal record
  • Financial background of the accused
  • Employment status
  • Family background
  • Whether the accused has defaulted or missed a court hearing in the past
  • Evidence against the accused
  • Are they drugs involved in the case
  • Is the accused a threat to the society
  • Mental and physical condition of the accused

Bail Amounts for Different Crimes

Many of the police stations have bail schedules, enlisted various bail amounts depending on the severity of the crime. In some cases, the accused can apply for a bail even before a bail hearing. Some jurisdictions even employ duty judges. These judges help in determining the right bail amount over a phone

If the accused is charged for a petty crime, then the bail amount will be less, when compared to what will be charged for serious crimes such as drugs, murder or sexual assault.

Hiring Bail Bondsmen

If the accused does not have the money to pay for a bail, then they can even hire bail bondsmen. Bail bondsmen can be a person, agency or a company that will pledge money or property on your behalf as a bail. After the accused have successfully appeared for all the court hearings, they need to pay them 10% of the bail amount as fees.

If you are looking for bondsmen for a loved one who is in jail, then you might want to look for licensed bail bond agents who are highly experienced and professional. Research about them and gather as much information as possible.  Find the right agent that fits as per your needs and preference.

Contact them and explain the situation to them. They will then do a background check and once satisfied, then will get in touch with the court and find out the legal formalities that need to be completed to acquire a bail.



Review all options that are available to you when it comes to applying for a bail. Do not rush into things and later feel guilty about making hasty decisions.

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