Using Wood Chips in Landscaping in Brampton


Wood chips look great on pathways in that they make the path blend in with its surrounding. When used along the pathways, they offer durability and hinder compaction from foot traffic. In the event that the color of the wood flakes does not match that of the surrounding, they can be used as guides to prevent people walking on top of flowers and other plantings. They act as mulch, which is a material placed over the soil surface. Wood mulch in Brampton has a myriad of benefits. First off, mulch can inhibit the growth of weed in the garden, stabilizes soil temperature (the soil is cooler in summer and warm in winter), it conserves soil moisture by reducing evaporation. When used in the right way, wood mulch can add to the finesse of your garden.

wood chips

It is important to note that this kind of mulch can be blown away or can be washed away in rain if on a slope. Wood chips can also be worked into the soil to act as soil amendment. When this happens, they increase soil pore space and allow more water and air to penetrate the soil. When they decompose, they release nutrients into the soil and enrich it. Whether the chips remain on the surface of the soil or they are worked into the soil, they will decompose to release nutrients. However, they decompose faster when worked into the soil.

You should note that as the mulch decomposes, the bacteria and fungi source nitrogen from the soil since wood does not have nitrogen. To this end, you should always add nitrogen to the soil especially if you are using shavings and sawdust. This should be in form of fertilizer or manure. Though wood flakes act great as mulch, care should be taken to ensure it is done correctly.

Wood Chips vs Gravel Mulch

Both gravel and wood mulch in Brampton work well. Nevertheless, each has its bad and good side. In matters aesthetic, gravel presents an austere and manicured look while wood presents a natural and woodsy look. Wood flakes, when used on the landscape are more inviting and give a feeling of coolness especially during hot months. Gravel offer more decorating options.

Both gravel and wood control the growth of weeds. Even though gravel inhibits the growth of weed more, wood chips retain the moisture of the soil by reducing evaporation but allow a number of weeds to grow. Removing weeds from soil that is covered with wood flakes is easy given that the soil becomes soft.

Most people argue that the use of wood mulch depletes lots of nitrogen from the soil. However, the nitrogen that the mulch depletes is the one on the surface of the soil and has no major impact on the performance of plantings or any damaging effects. If the mulch is not mixed with topsoil, the nitrogen used up from the surface of the soil will only prevent the growth of weeds. Furthermore, wood mulch in Brampton hastens the growth of plants and makes them more resistant to diseases and to insects.


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