Things You Must Consider Before Hiring an Attorney


Conflicts can arise in any sector and when it does, taking legal actions seem ideal sometimes. Attorneys that offer their expertise in litigation and in real estate law, condominium law and all other related legal fields can help you under such circumstances. However, choosing the right attorney is what will help you win.

Hire Right Attorney
Hire Right Attorney

Your decision should be based on a lot of factors. However, it is advised to determine what the more important deciding factors are. Most people consider expertise, experience, and price as very important concerns. Below is a list of some things you must consider before hiring an attorney.

Experience in the Industry

One of the biggest mistake you can do is to hire someone who has very little experience in the area of practice. You also do not want to use the same attorney for 2 different legal area. Determine which area of law your problem falls in and then hire an attorney who has many years of experience in that field.

He may have a great success rate in one area. That does not mean he will be able to yield expected results in a completely new sector.

Careers related to law tend to be extremely specialized and so, choosing an attorney who concentrates in your particular area is essential. In general, hiring anyone with less than 3 to 5 years of experience is not recommended.

Legal Assistant
Legal Assistant

Ability to Answer Critical Questions

Most people do not ask important questions about the rate of success, ability, and knowledge at the hiring stage. Ask direct question to the attorney as the answer will give you an idea of his qualities. You need to know how many cases relevant to your problem he has handled before.

Other queries may include whether he will oversee the case personally or delegate it to a legal assistant or associate. Clarify that you need him to be available and ready to answer all your ongoing questions.

Availability of Reliable References and Status

You must always check an attorney’s status with the licensing board before hiring. Ask him to provide contact details of some of his satisfied clients. It is impressive if some of the clients are well-recognized. Keep in mind that only references from clients who had similar cases as yours would be valid.

You should obviously hire someone who is listed in good standing. If a previous client complains about neglect or other issues, you should not hire the prospective attorney.

Find Right Attorney
Find Right Attorney


Some attorneys charge a very high premium but provide poor service. While you wouldn’t want to pay for an inferior service, not choosing a good attorney because of money is not ideal. Do not hire someone if they cannot provide excellent service. There are attorneys who limit access to the files and fail respond to clients on time. He should keep you updated with all information about the case. He must respond to your messages and calls within a reasonable period.

Some Other Questions You Might Ask

• Is the attorney a member of any state or national organizations related to the area of the case?
• Does the attorney take ongoing legal education training?
• What do his peers think about him?
• Has he prepared any published works or educational material on the subject?

There is no doubt that your legal situation is important and so the process of choosing the right attorney will not be easy. Be prepared to conduct background checks and ask uncomfortable questions. You will find out a lot of your answers in the first interview but do not rush your decision.