The Special Things About Armoured Vehicles


The use of armoured vehicle is quite popular since it is able to provide full protection inside it from any severe attacks. No wonder if this kind of vehicle is often used by public figures with such strategic positions like president and with political professions.

Armoured Car for Civilian
Armoured Car for Civilian

The Making Process

Since it is considered as special-edition vehicles, the making process include special technologies. It is to make sure that both experience and knowledge help the expert to convert professional armouring vehicle. Besides, it is to convince that process include the best materials and craftsmanship. Not only designed with both advanced communication and security technologies, armoured vehicles also bring special features on its exterior and interior.

Even though this vehicle is covered with metal armour and plenty of safety features all around, when it comes to armoured cars for civilian, subtlety is the best policy. The vehicle should look just like a normal luxury car instead of a military tank. The car should not attract too much attention to ensure the privacy of the passengers.

Armoured Car
Armoured Car

Rigorous Safety Test

Armoured vehicle solutions need to be proved whether it is truly strong enough with some tests such as firing ranges. This test is often given to for the new vehicle to make sure it is ready to be used and can perform appropriately. There are also manufacturers which provide their own facilities to perform ballistic test.

Some manufacturers even have more advanced testing facilities from others. This facility actually helps clients to do comprehensive tests not only to check the materials used both also the final product of the vehicle. Ballistic test commonly involves simulation to different attack of weapons and explosions. This is to know how strong the materials, panels, and joints, are checked completely on every stage during the manufacturing process.

Armoured Vehicle
Armoured Vehicle

Average Price

The demand of armoured vehicles keep increasing due to the potential risk that threat people who are using vehicle on their daily basis. Currently, the amount of armoured vehicles all over the world has reached more than 100,000. The average price for an armoured vehicle is around $120,000. However, the price of special edition might reach more than $3 million. This vehicle is also claimed to have ability in reaching the moon less than 6 months when being driven 60 miles per hour.

The price of the armoured vehicle will depend on what kind of safety features it has. Besides bulletproof windows and body construction, standard armoured vehicles will definitely come with run flat tires. This tire is different the standard tires in average cars because it can still safely roll on the street for around 60 miles even though the tires are deflated. Meanwhile, some of the higher ends bulletproof vehicle can even come with smoke screen which will be able to mask the movements and position of the car during dangerous situation.

Besides the safety features, the price of armoured cars will also be determined by its comfort level. This type of vehicle, no matter how advanced the safety features are, is actually a luxury vehicle at heart. It is used by people who expect the most comfortable ride at all times so its comfort is just as important as its safety features.