Tackling the Challenge of Making Cab Rides Safe for Women


In the wake of the recent crimes against women by cab drivers, a debate has been sparked over the security of women. The issue has attracted the attention of many thought leaders who are trying to find a solution to the problem while others throw blame at the victims (women) for encouraging men and at the companies who employ the drivers through inefficient hiring policies.

Cab Driver
Cab Driver

While innovators aim to leverage technology to sail out of this hurricane, the spotlight on the basic recruitment tasks such as driver background check services provided by companies like VVScore is even bigger and brighter for all the right reasons. A background check is essentially a run through of the driver’s background that includes a plethora of variables on which the driver ought to be tested. These variables are:

• Academic Verifications: This includes the entire history of the driver pertaining to his education such as the highest education received, schools attended and academic performance (it may not be much relevant but still gives insight into his behavior and intellect).

• Character Reference Check: Reference checks include a thorough scrutiny of the character to ascertain the behavior. It also includes the history with the previous employers to find out about the behavior and any unacceptable tendencies such as violence or sexual advances.

• Employment History: The history of employment is the number of jobs taken in the career and the duration of each job to assess the experience and justify the skills of the driver.

• Identity and Address Verification: Often the convicted felons fake their address and identity information to hide their true identity and that allows them to be involved in reckless activities avoiding strict action. A similar trend is visible among the cab drivers involved in crimes against women. Strict and thorough measures need to be taken while verifying identity and address.

Background Check
Background Check

• Credit History: The financial statement of an individual that reflects the source of income and/or debts is created to check financial stability. The credit history essentially is a detail of the loans taken and their amounts.

• Fire Arms: The background check also includes the records of firearms purchases.

A combination of the information is used to judge whether the driver is fit to be employed or not. A driver with basic education, good demeanor, clean criminal record and stable financial record is more likely to be hired instead of a guy who served time for violent behavior, owns a gun, or has a rocky financial statement burdened with a pile of debt.

The safety of women should be the first priority and hence it makes sense to come up with innovative solutions to combat the crimes against them, especially by cab drivers. Some apps that ensure the safety allow women to contact emergency numbers in distress while others send regular updates about the location of their phone for tracking.

Recruiting Good Driver
Recruiting Good Driver

While technology is definitely a good approach to solve the problem at hand, background checks should also be stricter when it comes to hiring the drivers in the first place since as the saying goes prevention is better that cure. The advantages of efficient screening are unparalleled:

• The quality of hiring is drastically improved due to the checks as it gives a complete picture of the driver being hired in order to avoid abrupt shocks are avoided.

• Violence is another major concern for employers especially for cab aggregators who take responsibility for the safety of the riders. A rude driver is less likely to make a women feel safe. While these tendencies are identified in the character checks so that the employer can take reasonable decision.

• A literate and well-mannered driver is definitely more preferable to a rude driver. A quality experience is what enhances the brand image of the company which is what they aim to achieve. A good background check can enable companies to filter out the drivers with undesirable profile.

• It also makes the company look a lot more responsible when they spend a great deal of time recruiting good drivers.