Menu Holders – Another Important Feature in Fine Dining Restaurants


If you want to add class to your eatery, your choice of a menu holder is vitally important. After all, it won’t do you much good if you have a menu that is beautifully presented, but you forego this essential accessory. Little details such as menu holders make a distinct difference in how your customers view your eating establishment.

Besides menu holders, you must also make certain that your lighting is just right, the positioning of the tables is proper, and your table linens convey the right ambience. First impressions count, and that is why a menu holder adds to the charm of a restaurant’s environment.

Keep Your Menus Tidy and Clean

Menu holders provide a way to keep your menus tidy and clean. After all, you don’t want remnants of someone else’s meal caked on a menu – it will spoil your diners’ appetites. Because menus are placed on the tables where diners eat, you need to find a way to keep them sanitary. This is where a menu holder comes into play. Many of the holders that are available for sale can be easily cleaned and disinfected, making them usable throughout the day.

Types of Menu Holders

The theme of your restaurant will help determine the menu holder you choose. Menu holders are available in triangle table top models as well as in materials such as wood and acrylic. Chalkboard menu boards are used in traditional fine dining restaurants whilst PVC-based holders are found in more casual eateries or family establishments.

Acrylic menu holders in the UK are frequently found on tables where the menus are not meant to be disposed of after one use. Menu items can be printed upon a sheet of paper or cardstock and slotted into the holder. The casing keeps the menu protected from smudges and food residue. Simply wipe the acrylic in between customers to ensure a fresh, clean menu. Holders are also styled where the menu can be slotted in and removed when read.

Keeping Your Restaurant Clean and Organised

The menus for these holders are usually printed on a card, which is then laminated for use. As a result, the menu can be wiped clean with ease when the tables are tidied between customers. Holders of this type are featured in various materials, and may be made of stainless steel, acrylic, or wood. Acrylic holders especially are ideal for restaurants that do not have much table space or a large selection of items from which to choose.

Therefore, when deciding on a menu holder, you need to first look at the menu it will accommodate. What is the theme and décor of your eating establishment? If you own a fine dining restaurant, then naturally you will want to choose a holder that is made of wood or another high-quality material. Any holder – wherever it is placed – will keep your restaurant organised and will enhance your eatery’s reputation with respect to cleanliness.

Holders are available in grip models as well as t-stand models. In order to shortlist your choices, consider your restaurant’s décor, your clientele, and the size of your menus. Holders should complement your restaurant’s décor as well as support the efforts of your restaurant staff.


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