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Calgary is currently the largest city in Alberta and the third in rank throughout Canada using population as the parameter. It has an estimated population of 1.2 million residents. It boasts a horde of corporate offices only likened to Toronto city in the entire country. In addition, Calgary anchors the southern end of the Calgary-Edmonton corridor, no wander it attracts job seeker in their thousands.

This city’s economy relied heavily on oil and gas up until late 1980’s. This however changed with the economic slump that hit the globe in the same decade. The city has greatly diversified economically since then. New sectors like tourism and hospitality, high tech manufacturing, sports and entertainment have since redefined Calgary’s economy.

Big employers in Calgary

The role of oil and gas in Calgary’s economy is still very visible. Jobs relating to energy engineering are still top in terms of demand. These are also the biggest employers in Canada’s oil and gas industry. Some of the big names in the industry include:

  • The TransCanada
  • BP Canada
  • Suncor Energy

The chemical industry is also heavily conspicuous in Calgary, Alberta. Some of the big names in the chemicals industry include:

  • Dow Chemical Canada
  • Nova Chemicals

Away from the oil, gas and chemicals, Calgary’s economy is now spotting new employers in brand new sectors. These include all the other sectors from communication, health to transport sectors. Some of the big names in here include:

  • Telus
  • Shaw communications
  • Alberta Health Service
  • Canada Pacific Railways
  • Mark’s Work Warehouse

Trends in employment in Calgary

Calgary is very critical in terms of employment opportunities in the entire Alberta. Statistics have shown that the rate of growth of jobs in Calgary will outpace most Canadian cities in the near future. With a labor participation rate of 75%, Calgary boasts a very productive economy. According to the latest government unemployment reports, the city has recently hit a record unemployment low of 5%. This is far below the country’s overall rate of 7 per cent. Some of the sectors that are poised for growth in employment rates in Calgary include:

  • Healthcare, education, utilities, energy, construction, legal and administrative departments, construction and manufacturing.

Statistics have shown that particular professions have continued to dominate the ranks in terms of demand for personnel. Some of these include: engineering-chemical, petroleum, mining and mechanical; IT consultants; business administrators; physicists.

With these in-depth details, it is very clear that Calgary is one employment powerhouse in Canada. You want the best paying jobs that are very competitive by all standards, Calgary is where to look. Because of the serene work environment and top notch terms of service, jobs in Calgary are among the most competitive world over.

If you have the requisite skills and knowledge and are seeking employment in Canada, pay a quick visit to Calgary soon.

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