Is Your Business Resting Comfortably in the Cloud?


You need cloud services to run a modern business. That should be as obvious as stating that you need a phone to call people, and yet many upper level managers are still sceptical about implementing the software. Concerns range from time and money spent retraining staff, to file security.

Despite such reservations, cloud software is straightforward and easy to use; a simple hour-long team session will have everybody on board, while Saas providers offer a more secure platform than traditional onsite systems.A project management reviewwill show how collaboration, client relationships, productivity, budget, and your business’s impact on the environment can all be positively affected with the implementation of a cloud solution. Here are a few reasons your company will run more fluidly once you incorporate the cloud.

Online collaborators are far more productive

In the past, any typical project managementtask could end up being a tedious undertaking. A lost memo might have cost the company a client because pertinent information was missing. With online collaboration tools everything’s online. Everyone has access to important memos, notes, and deadlines, while clients can be kept in the loop right from an on board instant messenger. Work on the project can be done at any time of the day, and remote teams cut back travel time.

Why not work from home?

With cloud services providing businesses online workspaces, it’s worth asking yourself whether or not you require a physical space from which to run your operation. Just a few years back work stopped when the last computer was switched off. Communication relied on a team to be housed in a physical location, and space was needed to house large printers and shelves full of stationary. Remove paper from the equation, and cluttered drawers and filing cabinets canbe done away with. Remove all that hardware and what your left with is a team of people who can work productively over an internet connection. You could be saving big money on overhead costs.

Less paper, more trees

Buying fewer reams of paper has other positive impacts. As you cut down on costs you’re also reducing your carbon footprint. Printers are another huge polluter; the large plastic casings cover an energy consumer that’s probably cost you a lot on your electric bills over the years.Less time spent commuting is another great way the cloud can help you do your part for the environment.

The cloud is where the modern business needs to live in order to keep up with an online marketplace. Want to improve your client relationships? Do a CRM softwarereview and you’ll see that it is good for business; projects can be streamlined, clients are kept in the loop, money can be saved and the environment will benefit from your profit all the meanwhile.

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