Important things to think about when buying second-handpump truck heavy equipment



With the economic collapse of the mid-2000s finally starting to disappear in the rear-view mirror more and more construction companies are starting to invest in heavy equipment again – but most operations (especially those run by smart and savvy operators) aren’t necessarily buying brand-new, but instead purchasing second-hand heavy equipment had a significant discount.

If you’re looking for a quality pump truck (or any other piece of heavy equipment, for that matter) at a fraction of its retail price without any real drawbacks or defects that can’t be effortlessly managed or repaired, you’re going to want to check out the second-hand heavy equipment market as well.

Just be sure that you pay attention to the details outlined below when you do decide to look for second-hand pump truck heavy equipment, for example. You want to be sure that you’re making the right move – and the right investment – going forward.

Equipment that does not start is equipment that needs to be avoided

Unless the pump truck you are interested in purchasing has an issue that prevents it from starting that can be effortlessly fixed (at least temporarily) on the spot) you need to pass on that equipment no matter what.

While most everything else on these pieces of equipment can be effortlessly repaired without breaking your bank account or blowing up your budget (and spending more on second-hand equipment then you would have on brand-new heavy machinery), when you get into the engines and the “heartbeat” of this equipment you are really playing with fire.

Leaky fluids are another major red flag

If the pump truck that you are thinking about purchasing is leaking fluid all over the ground over there or shows signs of having leaked all of its fluid out already) you are going to want to continue your search as well.

Be sure to check all cylinders, check all hoses, check all connections, and verify – independently with your own mechanic (if at all possible) – that all major fluid-based systems are operating the way they should be.

Behind engines these are the most expensive fix you’ll ever have to foot the bill for, and you don’t want to drop a tremendous amount of money on second-hand equipment if you don’t have too.

Look for out of place or relatively new welds

Companies that are looking to unload second-hand heavy equipment quickly are usually going to do everything in their power to “spruce up” these pieces of equipment, not at all unlike the way that pre-owned car salesmen dress up their vehicles for a quick turnaround.

If you find second-hand equipment that looks like it has been freshly painted, freshly repaired, or is sporting any new or out of place welds – especially in critical areas – you’re going to want to give up on that particular piece of equipment and start looking elsewhere.

Pump trucks (and other pieces of heavy equipment) need to be as strong and durable as possible. Any compromises – especially those that may not have been done effectively and could have been hidden by the seller – can cause major headaches and hassles later down the line.

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