How to Start a Small Business in College With Little to No Money


Everyone in college wants to have money, but no one wants to work to get it. Students in their early years of college will make every excuse as to why they don’t need a job, even eventually resorting to pretending they don’t really care about money.

Sometimes, it isn’t a matter of excuses. A lot of college students don’t have time to make enough money to make having a job worthwhile. If you are killing yourself to squeeze 15 minimum wage hours in a week only to come out on the other side with a paycheck of less than two hundred dollars, what was the point really?

Luckily, you don’t have to work at a diner or a grocery store to make some money while in college.

College students are often thriving with creativity and imagination. The brain power of a college student is yet to be sapped by the repetitive nature of adult life, or drained by the inevitable cynicism brought on by experience. That means they are bursting with ideas, and still innocent enough to think they are worthwhile.

You mix that youthful optimism and confidence with a savvy for the internet, and you get a current generation of college students that are investing their time and money into creating a small business. It’s a smart alternative to working a part time job, that can earn you more money and is more valuable for your resume.

The problem is, of course, the money. Before you can make money, you will need to spend some money to get your business started. And since you’re in college, you probably don’t have any. That doesn’t need to stop you though. By following this guide, students from UCLA all the way to UC’s masters healthcare administration program can make their money by starting their own small business, and on a college student’s budget too.

Perfect Your Idea

Starting your own small business is going to be a financial risk and a serious time consumer. So it is important that your idea is perfect before you start to move forward. If you invest your time and money into an idea that is flawed or generic, your business will fall flat on its face.

Get Collaborators Involved

The more people involved with your business, the more pennies you can scrape together in order to get your business started. You can also benefit from a variety of ideas and points of view.

Promote to Students

Your advantage over any other business is your direct and organic access to a customer base. As a member of the college student body, you inherently have an idea of what they are interested in and how to reach them. You can also access them and promote your idea for free.

Cut Unnecessary Spending

You don’t have experience running a business, so there will be some things you want to do that don’t make sense. Try your best to identify the things you need and the things that you want, and only invest in the former.

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