How to Smartly Utilize Explainer Videos for Startups


An explainer video can go a long way towards helping your startup. One of the struggles of starting a new company is maximizing your exposure as quickly as possible. You need to get your brand out there and gain recognition to get your company off the ground.


Many new startups turn to video marketing, as it offers an effective solution for reaching and connecting with your audience. Among the video marketing techniques that are regularly employed is the use of explainer videos.

Find out how to smartly utilize explainer videos for startups.

What is an Explainer Video?

First off, what is an explainer video? As the name suggests, these videos can be used to explain the purpose of your business or detail the features of your products or services. Generally, they are used to offer an introduction of your startup. They can be placed on your website, so first-time visitors can quickly gain a sense of what it is that you are offering.

Why Should You Use an Explainer Video?

Studies show that people retain more information when watching a video than they do when reading an article. Humans think visually. By communicating the message of your business through a video, you can connect with potential customers.

After watching a video that makes them feel happy, excited, or even scared, consumers are more likely to take action. Whether the intended action is for users to contact your business, register for your newsletter, or make a purchase on your site, you can use a video to help trigger these actions.

Another action that viewers may take is the sharing of your video on social media. This includes sharing, liking, or posting the video on Facebook or Twitter. When creating a video, you can project a specific emotion. Creating an emotional connection with viewers is the primary goal of using videos. This is how videos become viral – reaching millions of viewers.

Any business can benefit from an explainer video – including startups. You do not even need to have a product or service ready for the market. An explainer video helps your company get recognized. It builds buzz ahead of your launch.

What Goes into a Successful Video?

In order for your video to be successful, it needs to achieve its goal. The goal is to deliver a message that connects through an emotional trigger. Before you decide on the content of your video, choose the emotion that you want to convey.

You can see these triggers being used in marketing and advertising in any industry. Nonprofit organizations often rely on guilt to help spur people to take action. Insurance companies use fear to convey the importance of having insurance. Creating a sense of belonging can be beneficial for any business. Think about the videos you have seen recently, the emotions they trigger, and the type of product or service being advertised.

What Should You Discuss in Your Video?

After deciding on the tone of the video, you can begin planning the content. Your video should be kept to about 90 seconds. People are less likely to sit through a video that is two minutes or longer. 90 seconds offers you enough time to get your message across.

The video should entertain the viewer. You need to hold the attention of the viewer for the entire length of your video. If you are successful, viewers will share your explainer video on Facebook and other social media sites. This is free advertising.

Discuss the value of your company. Let viewers know what problem your startup is going to solve. How can you help the viewer? You need to get this message across in a clear, concise manner.

Write down the key topics you would like to discuss. Record your own voice as you talk about these topics. Listen to your voice, paying attention to the time. This will give you an idea of how much content you can fit into 90-seconds.

A good video needs to be direct. Viewers should not have to guess what your startup does. Put thought into the main message you want to give your viewers. You can use a combination of animation, slideshows, text, and a voice-over to create a dynamic and entertaining video.

What Can You Expect from a Successful Video?

The more people that share your video, the more exposure your startup receives. Social media marketing is one of the most cost-effective marketing solutions. If you are lucky enough to release a viral video, you will have an endless amount of free promotion.

The more your video is shared and liked on social media the more your SEO improves. Google uses social media statistics in their search engine algorithm.

How Can You Get Started with Your Own Video?

If you are about to launch a new startup, you need to be smart about your spending. You need to stretch your marketing dollar as far as it can go. Explainer videos offer the best solution. They are affordable, easy to create, and easy to share.

In order to create your own start up explainer video, you can download video editing software and experiment on your own or seek the help of a professional video marketing team.

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