How to Make Money Making Business with Seo Friendly Blog


When a person make a blog, the individual must be keep few things in his or her writing which increases the interest of the reader and attract the person to read the blog. The writer has to write the blog with the particular paragraph, sub headings and headings, which introduce the reader to the main concept. The writing must have enough information by which bookworm can get all the needful things they aspire. The writer often writes such informative blogs that can be well shared to different social media platform. Seo is the most popular way to get oneself on the top list now these days. Writer should write the blog with the understanding of the reader’s thought. One should write seo friendly blog – so that the genuine readership can be targeted towards the write-ups.

SEO Friendly Blog
SEO Friendly Blog

There ten tips mentioned below which would help writing a good blog:

• Always think several times before penning the info:- try to think till the last hard level you can in support of the writing. Try to write down the direct subject matter which increases the interest of the reader. Ask the question to the reader just by writing directly to the point and at the end of the writing give all the answer to the reader yourself. This would satiate the hunger of the reader. Give all the information in the text from which individual can get all the needful knowledge.

• Should use a paragraph:- during writing individuals must use the paragraph, but should keep one things very clearly. While you are writing with good paragraphs, the paragraph should make a sense and to the point with sub heading that is must. Do not use paragraph without any reason, and use the main keyword in the Para relevantly.

• Signal word must be use:- these kinds of word help a reader to take hold of the main concept and flow with the concept accordingly.

• Must have a catchy heading:- a catchy heading introduce the reader with the key concept while the person search anything over internet.

Seo Friendly Website
Seo Friendly Website

• Posts based on blog must follow the structure:- writer must write the blog with short introduction, a body full with essential information, must have a conclusion.

• Allow the other person to read the blog:- while individual is going to publish the writing, another person or the editor must read the content very carefully from the viewer’s point of view.

• Attach the link of the previous content if any:- This link is very much important so that the seo part can be judiciously done by the experts.

• Try to maintain the length of the article:- do not exceed the word count. Try to give all the information within the short paragraphs.

• Should use seo plug-in based on the Yoast:- try to search with the Yoast plug in while writing seo friendly posts.

• Attach the regular content:- add the content regular basis to remind Google or other search engines that your website is still now alive.

Google is the foremost popular search engine and seo is the major part of it. Try to write down the posts which are seo friendly that helps people to get that information they need in actual.