How does the partnership work in business?


Life and our theory and concept about it changes with the passage of time. Life has different definitions for all of us. These definitions depend on what phase of life you are passing through. Life for children revolves around toys, playgrounds, video games Etc. The problems of childhood are actually the pleasures of life. We realize this when we pass through that stage and leave it behind us. The next stage involves its own pros and cons. Yes, its youth. It’s like a transformational phase of human life in which a person is turning into an adult, but still not considered as one yet. It is also known as teenage. To the person going through that stage it is probably the worst phase of life. Most people at this age are complaining about everything. They are innocent believe me. They don’t know what they are talking or thinking about.


Next comes the phase of adulthood. Yes, you are right. No more drama, no more playing, time to fasten your seat belts. You have lived more than half of your life. It’s time to think about serious issues like marriage, children, house, but wait… before that you first have to get a proper means of income, a job. For which you have been trained in schools and collegesin your entire life. Life teaches us all new lessons when we leave our teenage behind. We have to become responsible for our every action. Those who have their family business… good for them. But those who donot have that safe harbor, well, it’s a hell of a task to find a job.  Where to start from and where to end. This question arises in every mind. And the answer is nowhere to be found. Some tend to go towards banking and some like to promote marketing and working under different companies. Some continue with their fathers’ workshops. It’s all about priorities in the end.

As we know, life does not come to you with a set of instructions and its full of ups and downs. Same is the thing with business. Whether  you are continuing your family’s  business or you are working in some company, it doesnot mean it will go as it is. Anonymous firms expand and flourish beyond our imagination and some renowned companies today are no where to be found. If a business is not bringing you profit, selling it and investing money in some other business is a very good option. As we know expanding a business requires tactics and knowledge / experience, in the same way selling abusiness also requires some tactics. Some businesses like shops are easier to sell in contrast to large business empires like firms, corporations. Companies are sold from one person to another directly  andsometimes few shares are sold to another party. When 50% shares are sold, two parties become partners. All the decisions of the company now depend upon mutually agreed terms.

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