Guest Posting And Social Media Are Effective Promotional Tools


Marketers saw guest posting as a good opportunity to create brand awareness, but they need to follow search engine algorithm. Google gives importance to updates and writing meaningful subject matter appealing enough to share with fellow peers.

Bloggers and small organizations created attractive pages and position on the web platform. To announce their presence, before their niche audiences, they took support from guest blogging.

In guest blogging, other skilled writers are invited to post their creations on the host’s blog. The host gets a different perspective about the same topic. Thus, readers get an entire 360° viewpoint, and thus leading to more shares and discussions.

Sharing and writing cycle creates quality juice links, which search engines appreciates and contributes the blog or website high rankings on search engines.

Brief look at guest posting

Many websites look for original and genuine posts on topics related to their website. Simultaneously, the guest writer has a website that relates to the bloggers site. At the end of the post, author’s bio is written, which proves that the writer is genuine. In the author’s bio, a link is included, which directs the host bloggers traffic to the writer’s website.

How guest posts are helpful?

  • Establish authority

For making a website popular, it is necessary to serve relevant and quality blog posts. Search crawlers reward sites with authentic information. Guest blogger gains wide exposure posting well-written blogs on authoritative and relevant publishing websites. Soon the readers of established bloggers perceive the new writer as quality writer.

  • More backlinks

Website, which does not help to earn money, is useless. You have invested time, money, and effort in hosting this website. Guest posting is the best way to get visible to search engines and backlinks.

Remember according to Google algorithm the link quality needs to be from related website. So make sure to guest post on relevant websites for obtaining juicy links.

  • Enhances writing skills

No writer writes a masterpiece from the word ‘Go’. They practice and in due course, create work of art. Therefore, write topics that intrigues you and the readers. This will help to create niche followers. You can engage because you are skilled writers and can enhance rankings as well as traffic conversion ratio.

  • Branding

Guest post allows you to share ideas with genuinely interested readers. Many bloggers allow authors to publish their picture, thus you get established as a brand.

Social media benefits

  • Social media allows you to know more about your target audience
  • Social media enable to send messages on guest post more efficiently
  • With social media integration you can expand your reach and find new consumers
  • Your guest post gets instant feedback from customer’s perspective
  • Social media enables to share content quickly and conveniently
  • Social media promotion is cost-effective
  • Traffic to your blog increases resulting in top ranking due to tweets, likes and shares
  • You can create significant relationships with consumers, which was not possible with traditional advertising methods

You can visit to understand the power of social media. Social media is a tool to monitor the trends, look for growth opportunities, and create brand followers.

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