Grow Your Business Through Quality Business Signs


One of the most cost effective ways to attract customers and advertise your business is through quality business signs. It is far less expensive than over the air media and can be a far more effective way for a business to spend their advertising dollars.

Business Sign
Business Sign

It is important that your business sign is an integral part of your overall marketing plan. Your business sign should be consistent with other branding elements of your business. However, other factors may negate the branding element.

Your business sign should contain an easy to understand message. If your business sign is complicated or confusing, potential customers are less likely to visit your business or understand what you do. The size of your sign is also important. Not only does it affect visibility, but it also affects the emotion that is invoked in the reader of the sign, and the impression they draw of the business. There have been studies conducted that have determined that people have different reactions to the same exact business signs, depending on whether they view them from the right or left.

The most important aspect of an effective business sign is visibility. Your sign is only useful if people see it and can identify the nature and location of your business. Visibility can be improved using lighting, a clear distinct font or typeface, contrasting colors, the position of the sign, and the type of sign. Many of these factors can be hindered by obstructions that may exist near the proposed sign site or the background against which the sign will be viewed. The use of lighting increases the effectiveness of the business sign as it increases its visibility to twenty-four hours a day, seven days per week, especially if your building is near a busy road or a bus route.

There are many different types of signs for many different types of applications. You can mount signs to the side of a building or on the ground. You can use illuminated signs and LED signs to display messages. Some companies opt for banners and window signs, others for vehicle wraps or placards, so their signage is mobile. One benefit of covering a car or truck with a business sign is that you can park it in different places at different times to display your business information to various markets and take advantage of special event traffic. If you are considering buying a truck for your business for advertising, deliveries or general use, you will find some useful information here.

Effective Business Sign
Effective Business Sign

The greatest difficulty faced by most businesses is what to put on their sign. The general rule is that less is more. If you put too much information on your sign, it will be confusing to a potential customer and may even seem disingenuous. Determine the most relevant information for that particular sign. If your business is near a confusing intersection or a place with limited access, provide directions. There are very few things more frustrating for a new customer than being able to see your business, but not be able to get there. If there is a particular turn they need to take or a certain lane they must be in, say so.

If your business has developed a distinct recognizable logo, you may want to use it on your sign. We all know immediately what the golden arches symbolize or the iconic blue oval of Ford. The name of the business may suffice, but only if the name clearly indicates the primary function of the business. The name “Flowing Locks!” is a catchy name for a hair boutique but might be confused with a locksmith. Some clarification might be required to implement an effective marketing campaign through quality business signs.

Informing the marketplace of the goods or services provided by your company through quality business signs is a sound strategy. In many cases, it is the best investment of your advertising dollars. Well-tailored signage can notify customers of the existence of your business, the location of that business, and enhance brand awareness. No matter what your situation, you can increase your business and visibility through quality business signs.