Everyday Tools You Need at the Office


Whether you own a machine shop, a hair salon or a high-tech software company, chances are that you will need some tools. Not just the “tools of the trade” like your computer, heavy machinery, or a hair straightener, but everyday equipment for bringing your workplace or office to life and making it functional for you and all who work there.

Office Storage Solutions
Office Storage Solutions

1. Level

Depending on your work environment, you could be hanging up screens, TV mounts, shelving or paintings. The important thing however, is that they are straight. Clients will be thrown off by things hanging crookedly from the wall, and the integrity of your shelves, or other structures supporting weight, can be corrupted. Though it might seem a “tame” tool, its value will continue to prove itself over and over again.

2. Stud finder

It’s not a fun, fancy power tool and it doesn’t come in a standard tool kit, but a stud finder is an essential component of having a safe and functional office. With the growing trend of using repurposed buildings like old factories, warehouses or even houses, finding a stud in the wall to safely support the weight of whatever you hope to hang might not be as easy as you might think. Some old buildings don’t adhere to today’s building code and you’ll find irregularly placed beams and studs. With a stud finder, you can confidently perform all the plans you had for making your workspace your own.

Toolbox & Storage Solution
Toolbox & Storage Solution

3. Drill

A good drill is worth its weight in gold, and you’ll find that especially true as you drill holes in the walls to install things or even piece furniture together. If you are looking to get an all-purpose drill, one in the 18-20V range is a safe bet. It will enable you to make holes and drive screws into walls allowing you to personalize the space.

4. Set of Allen Keys

Most offices nowadays, especially small startups, end up ordering furniture from places like IKEA and assembling it themselves. Though small tools, like hex keys come included with the original purchase of the furniture item, they are usually poor quality and then misplaced or thrown away after initial use. However, especially in chairs and tables, the screws can get a bit loose over time and require retightening. If you have a set handy at the office, you can use it for quicker and better assembly in the first place and they are always around for when you need to tighten something up.

5. Good Screwdriver with multiple bits

A screwdriver is one versatile tool. From opening paint buckets to assembling a step stool or putting in a door knob, a screwdriver with multiple bits is the one thing that you can’t be without. You’ll find yourself pulling it out at least a dozen times a year, and is guaranteed to be at the top of your toolbox most of the time.

Multiple Tool Box
Multiple Tool Box

Having a simple but complete set of tools at your business location is just as important as having one at home. However, if you have multiple employees, you run the risk of tools being used and misplaced. Consult with a company that provides a broad line of tool boxes and storage solutions, including modular cabinets, to meet almost any storage need. They might be able to help you find a smart solution not just for your handy tools, but for other aspects of your business space as you are assembling it.

Investing in a toolbox with all of your important office essentials in something that every business location needs, regardless of the operations that go on inside. If you don’t believe us now, it won’t take long for you to convince yourself that the investment is worth it.