Ergonomics Involves Much More than Just Efficient Desks and Chairs


Ergonomics is the study of the efficiency of employees in their work environment; it essentially centres on designing a job to fit a particular employee so that the employee works efficiently in a way that reduces illnesses and injuries. We have all heard about ergonomically-correct chairs, desks, and even computer stands, but there are other aspects of ergonomics that are very important to the efficiency of a workplace.  There are companies whose sole purpose is to help a company and its employees with the issue of ergonomics. These companies provide a wide variety of services that include consulting, classes, and other types of services in an effort to reduce the number of injuries and illnesses so that the company can operate more efficiently.

Services Provided by Physiotherapists

Physiotherapists are therapists, usually in-house, who help employees with a variety of work-related discomforts, such as basic headaches and back soreness to more serious afflictions such as carpal tunnel syndrome. Because they work directly with employees, physiotherapists can usually take care of the problem before it gets too severe, which means fewer sick days for most employees. When a company hires physiotherapists, it is not only good for the employees, but also for the company itself. Fewer sick days means an increase in productivity, which of course means that the company’s time is used more efficiently and it will make more money.

Many companies also offer a variety of classes, such as those that deal with manual handling techniques. Manual handling training by Work Active and companies such as this involves short, in-house classes that centre on topics such as anatomy and posture coaching to reduce the number of injuries in the future, warmup and stretching techniques for all employees, and a personalised approach to solving problems that are due to poor manual handling techniques. Since many worker compensation claims are due to poor manual handling, these classes are of utmost importance.  The classes do an amazing job of reducing workplace injuries, making employees feel that the company cares about them, and providing all employees with the training they need and deserve.

Other Services Provided by These Companies

Companies that offer physiotherapists and classes for their employees often offer other services as well, including in-house massages, ergonomics for both drivers and the office environment itself, and furniture that is ergonomically-made and therefore more comfortable for the employee. Most of these services are offered by the physiotherapists themselves, and all of them are custom-designed for the company so they are more beneficial and applicable to the employees than standard classes. These services are personalised to the employees themselves, and therefore they greatly increase both efficiency and the chances that the employees will go a long time without an accident, injury, or even a sick day.

The services provided by physiotherapists, including a variety of classes, are invaluable to both employee and employer. They make employees healthier and happier, enable the company to go longer periods of time between employee sick days, and allow both sides to feel more confident and secure about their future.



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