Doing Anything Is Better Than Doing Nothing!


I hear from a lot of people who want to get started in their own work at home business ideas. But, they’re not getting started. They’re waiting. For what? Lots of things.
Some people are waiting for the right time to get started. They’re not sure when that is, but they expect to know when it comes.
Some people are waiting until they’ve learned everything about their particular line of business.
Some people are waiting for their potential partner to get ready to start.
And, frankly, some people don’t know why they’re waiting.
It’s time to stop waiting and start doing.
Now. Today. This very minute. Here are the facts…
Forget about waiting for the right time. There is no right time other than now.
Forget about learning everything. You and I (and everyone else) will never learn everything. It’s impossible.
If your partner isn’t ready now, then maybe this is not the right partner for you. Your life is passing you by while you’re waiting.
The longer you wait, the older you get. The more you miss out on the good things in life. The things you are waiting to get.
I understand that many of you are worried about doing the wrong thing. You probably will. But, you’re likely to do that anyway.
Thomas Watson – CEO of IBM back in the day – had this advice: Increase your rate of failure and you’ll become successful faster. You see, everyone screws up. The quicker you do it, the faster it’s over with.
You have to remember that if you want more out of life, you have to put yourself in a position to get it.
According to the emails I get and the people I meet, the average person wants more out of life.
Why don’t they just go get it? Because they are not in a position to do anything about it.
Most people do not control their own destiny. They are subject to the whims of some employer. Their financial growth is limited to a 4% annual salary increase.
These people can yearn for more – forever. They’re not going to get it. Because they are not in a position to get more.
If they want a new car, they can’t get it because they can’t afford the higher car payment. If they want to take a vacation, they can’t do it because they have no way to earn the extra money.
If you want to really enjoy life, you have to be in a position to control your financial future.
When you hear that you can make easy money working an online Internet business, remember that the word “work” is in there. It does, and will always, take some effort to acquire anything.
The phrase is “work at home business” not “goof off at home business. ” There are substantial gains and advantages for having your own automated Internet business running 24/7 without it requiring your constant attention. But it will require some work. And the first thing necessary is to GET STARTED!
Here’s an awesome example: Eric, my partner in one of my Internet business, informed me this week that he “needs more money because there’s a lot of stuff he wants to buy soon. ”
Unlike the average person, Eric is in a position to make this happen. He sat down with me to outline a plan to increase our sales in the next 30 days. Since he earns a healthy chunk of the profits, he will follow this plan and put more cash in his pockets.
Of course, many of you figure that Eric has it easy because he works with me. You’re right. He does have it easy now. Of course, he invested 8, 000 hours of his life over the last 2 years into this business to get in this position. He’s earned the right to be here.
If you’re not happy with your current situation, then do something about it! Change your position. Get in control of your life.
You’ll be a whole lot happier when you take charge of your destiny.
The best way to assure your future is to create it.

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