Corporate Investigations and Finding a Missing Person


Over 800,000 people are reported missing and entered into the NCIC database each year. Of those cases, almost 90% are minors, but the statistics do not include people who haven’t been officially reported. One of the biggest issues with searches led by the authorities is their narrow definition of the term “missing person”. Police only start searches after a certain time, and by then, it may be too late.

Law enforcement agencies, with their limited resources, aren’t often equipped to deal with today’s high crime rates, and anyone who wants a corporate missing persons investigation should speak to a private investigative firm. These investigators work for the client and not the government, and they start the search the minute the client requests it.

Who Hires a Private Investigator to Find a Missing Person?

Almost anyone, from a worried spouse to a corporation in search of its leader, can start a missing persons investigation. Las Vegas people search & find can find people in a variety of situations, such as:

  • Loved ones or family members who have disappeared voluntarily
  • Fugitives with a record of corporate fraud or embezzlement
  • Debtors
  • Missing people who are regarded as “cold cases”
  • Runaways and kidnap victims

If you are concerned about someone and want to know their whereabouts, a missing persons investigator will use the most advanced search techniques to find whoever you’re looking for. Corporate investigators are especially skilled in locating executives who have a history of corporate misdeeds, and they will continue the search as long as it takes.

How do Investigators Find Missing People?

Professional investigators use various techniques in missing persons searches. Fugitive recovery personnel are very useful here; they can locate an executive on the run, and because they don’t have to follow the same laws as police do, they can go wherever a criminal may hide. They also network with other investigators and utilize paid informants, among others who may be able to help. A thorough investigator will conduct surveillance in places where a person may turn up, and they can also search mortuaries and hospitals. With thorough background checks and witness questioning, among other techniques, corporate investigators in Las Vegas have many places to turn in the course of a missing persons search.


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