Common Signs of Poor Air Quality


Whether you work long hours in an office, or you work from home, you expect that the air quality in that building be quite high. Air quality refers to the quality of the air that you breathe as well as the air that you surround yourself with every day. The quality of that air can decrease due to filters that need changing, pollutants coming from neighboring buildings and even whether there are animals nearby. Checking out some of the common signs of poor air quality can help you decide whether you need new filters and other devices and whether you should buy now.

Poor Air Quality
Poor Air Quality

Head Symptoms

Headaches can come on at anytime and for any reason. You may suffer from one while going through a stressful time at work or because of loud noises in the environment. If you develop a persistent headache that lasts for longer than a week, that pain may relate to your air quality. This is especially common among those who have a headache that only comes on when spending time in a certain room. This headache may worsen to the point where you fill dizzy when you stand or make sudden movements.

Breathing Problems

Many of the common signs that you live or work in a building with poor air quality relate to the way you breathe. Breathing problems can include congestion that you can’t shake. This often affects your nose but may cause problems in your throat too. You may find that the congestion causes mucus to drain down your throat, which makes you cough. It can also cause you to sneeze frequently too. Some people think that they have the common cold or the flu and take over the counter medications or visit their doctors. Your symptoms won’t improve until you take care of your air quality problem though.

Air Quality Problem
Air Quality Problem

Other Symptoms

Do you often feel extremely tired after leaving work at the end of the day? Though you might blame this on the work that you did, that fatigue can relate to a clogged filter or a system that does not work properly. While it’s natural to feel tired after a long day, it’s not natural to feel tired all day and every day. Poor air quality can also leave you suffering from a sensitivity to light, sound or certain odors. Some people will use air fresheners, candles and other products to mask mold or mildew odors caused by clogged filters, which can aggravate your sensitivity.

If you suffer from one or more of these symptoms, you need to look at your air filters and filtration system. Replacing those filters will improve the air quality of the building and make your symptoms disappear.