Claiming PPI? Things That One Should Check And Consider


The PPI is one of the most helpful systems that people can actually come across. It actually helps when the people actually needs the help the most. Claiming the PPI is something that can actually turn out to be the most difficult at times though. People should very much understand about the fact that what are the few very important points that they should consider for this?

To claim back compensation people should understand that there are few very serious things that should be looked into and this article will consider the very same.

But before moving on people should understand that what the PPI is.

All about PPI:

PPI is basically also known as the Payment Protection Insurance. This is the option one can easily opt for if they are into some situation with no fault of their own ofcourse that they are stopped from repaying their loan of something that they had bought.

With the help of the PPI people with situations like horrible accidents or losing job without their fault are liable to get some amount of help as their monthly loan payments to the bank. This is a free option and people do not need to pay anything for the very same.

To claim back compensation people have to know about few of the very important things though.

Few things that people should know about:

The following are the few important things that people should know about:

  • The status of the employment is a big thing of course. People should understand the very fact that the people who are either self-employed or are either retired or are working on a short termed based contract are no way eligible for claiming. It is because it simply doesn’t serve the purpose at all. Knowing about this exactly and being sure about the same can be very much helpful.
  • The very next thing to consider is the very fact that what was the age when the insurance was opted for? The ages relevant for the PPIs are between 18 and 65. The people who are younger to the minimum age and are sold the PPIs can actually or rather should actually go ahead and get the mis-sold PPI claim. This is very important. Also if the age has crossed the age limit of 65 years old then it will be equally irrelevant to the people.
  • The medical condition is another big factor that should be looked into. The people with bad medical conditions and still getting the insurance are the people to whom the PPIs are getting mis-sold again. They should manage to get through with the proper health records. The medical health records should be proven to the companies. People should again understand the fact that knowing that there is a medical condition that may lead to stopping of the work one is into is again a point that the PPI claims are not going to work.

If these things are nicely considered before people goes ahead and makes a claim then definitely they will get through with the best results.

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