Chinese tourists spend 229 billions USD


These statistics combine China’s position among the top global resources of tourists, in conditions of both true number of trips and money spent during international travel. At the same time, there were profound changes in the behavior of the normal Chinese traveler, with Chinese Millennials firmly established as the core drivers of China’s outbound tourism spending.

Nuremberg, 14 January, 2016 – GfK’s latest analyses of the Chinese language market demonstrates China produced 109 million outbound travelers in 2015 – with retail spend of US$229 billion. That is an integral milestone in China’s outbound travel and leisure history.

Until 2013, Hong Kong was the most well-liked vacation spot for China’s outbound travelers, influenced by its ethnic similarity, lower travel costs and ease of access via short-distance travel. Moreover, Hong Kong offered a shopping paradise, which was a solid motivating factor for Chinese language holiday at that right time. But since 2014, more and more China’s outbound travelers have been deciding on other destinations offering historical and ethnic experience, as well as shopping. Of November 2015 by the beginning, the very best five favorite vacation spots for Chinese language travelers (keeping track of air and in a single day sessions), were South Korea, Thailand (up 263 percent), Hong Kong (up 37 percent), Japan (up 157 percent) and Taiwan (up 54 percent).

Europe remains typically the most popular destination for Chinese language travelling beyond Asia, demonstrating a rise of 97 percent in the real amount of air and in a single day appointments within the last four years. This is accompanied by THE UNITED STATES (up 151 percent) and the center East (up 177 percent). Africa remains the vacation spot least stopped at by Chinese travelers – but with symptoms that could be changing, as goes to have increased by 306 percent climb since 2011.

Laurens vehicle den Oever, global mind of travel and hospitality research remain tactical to Hong Kong and its own businesses – but other places are jumping in advance in earning their favor. Spots such as Hong Kong need to re-evaluate China’s new variety of young and independently-minded travelers, to comprehend how better to appeal to them and capitalize on the development of China’s outbound travel and leisure.” 50 percent of China’s outbound travelers are aged 15-29 yrs . old – the “millennials” group – while over the third (37 percent) are aged 30-44 and 10 % are 45-59.

The pure size of millennial group within the Chinese tourists group, this a commercially attractive market for those spots who want to attract Chinese travelers. This fascination is increased by the actual fact that two thirds (66 percent) of Chinese language Millennials participate in the high income bracket. Not just that, but their financial ranking is likely to increase as their opportunities move forward, since seven out of ten Millennials keep ‘white collar’ exec or professional careers. Understanding the wishes that inspire this major portion of China’s outbound travelers is therefore paramount. A gross annual review from GfK implies that Chinese Millennials tend to be ambitious than their predecessors, aged 50 and above – and much more hedonistic in their determination to invest money to engage and pamper themselves. Also, they are just a bit less price hypersensitive, being the largest customers of luxury goods in Asia Pacific. Almost moreover for the travel market is that Chinese language Millennials also cherish liberty more than their parents or grandparents; the power is required by these to follow their passions and follow significant, exciting and adventurous experiences. Also, they are technologically savvy with everyone running a smartphone and being highly involved with sharing activities on social media platform. For destinations seeking to attract this profitable group, then, the perfect way is to deal with them much less ‘holidaymakers’ but as impartial travelers who’ll react to opportunities to plan personal trips.


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