Challenges that Online Retailers Should be Prepare For


With two thirds of internet users making online purchases last year, the growing number of shoppers buying online shows no sign of slowing down. With high expectations for online retailers, what are the challenges that businesses should prepare themselves for?

Engaging your audience is important and this can be one of the biggest challenges that a business can face. As a business-owner, you should map your customer journey, all the way from awareness of your business to research, conversion and retention. How can you engage them at each step of their journey? Let’s take a closer look.

Online Retailers
Online Retailers

Awareness and Research

These two steps involve marketing your business so potential customers in your target market are aware of your products or services. This involves strengthening your online presence so you can be easily found when consumers reach the research stage.

It could be beneficial for you to look at the following areas of your online presence:

• A strong social media presence – customers value companies who respond to customers quickly on platforms like Twitter. Almost half of consumers will go to Twitter before the company’s website.

• A sleek and easy-to-navigate website – a customer is more likely to trust a company with a professional-looking site.

• Relevant blog content – having a blog on your website will not only establish you as a trusted source for your area of expertise, but could also have a lot of SEO value, so that potential customers can find you on search engines.


Another challenge faced by online retailers is making sure your website visitors complete their purchases. One way you can do this is by making sure you can tailor your services to meet the consumer’s busy lifestyle. The main way to avoid abandoned shopping carts is by offering a range of convenient delivery and return options to all business and operations to rely cement and drive your special services.

Online Purchase
Online Purchase

Also, using a service like Pass My Parcel means that you can send parcels all around the world to multiple countries and currencies so that you and your customers can also avoid lengthy post office queues and return their packages at a convenient drop off location at one of thousands of local Parcel Shops available all over.


A key way of retaining customers is by making sure they have a great experience when doing business with you. Personal touches go a long way and you will be appreciated by your customers, such as including handwritten notes or compliments slips in your packages or sending personalised and friendly emails out. Prompt responses to any queries, either via email or on social media, also shows your customers that you are of value to them.

One of the biggest challenges faced by online retailers is engaging/retaining customers to keep coming back However, this is something that you can prepare for and by following our advice, you will have a greater chance of creating a loyal customer base and maximising your profits further.