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tomsewing(1)As professional clothing-manufacturer, sewing machines are the most significant part of my routine. Until date, I used several types of sewing machines ranging from basic machines for domestic purposes when my business was in a start-up stage until today with large-sized industrial sewing machines since I have expanded my business. For me it is always necessary to explore and try different types of sewing machines that will constantly enhance the speed and quality of the stitching, embroidery and fabrication functions. Once I heard about sewing machine dealer and manufacturer situated in Xiamen, (China) providing used industrial sewing machines to different categories of customers according to their requirements.

I bought few such machines. Stitching abilities and features of these industrial machines are just unparalleled. Lock stitches, over lock and cover-stitch features are quite convenient to me while fabricating clothes. These machines are, covered with best quality leather at the outer side. I checked the website and I saw that the dealer provides different types of used industrial sewing machines. I had heard more about Juki machines hence observing the range; I decided to opt for Juki sewing machines. You can say that, this dealer is one of the major dealers who provide used Juki machines. Most of the machines are motor driven and hence even foot-walking machines are now, transformed into automated form to offer greater speed and productivity.

I found the structure of these machines to be quite efficient with lot of controls given on the panel. They are useful for heavy-duty purposes. I am highly benefitted by these machines since I often have bulk orders. For instant embroidery and stitching operations, I found auto needle position; auto trimmer and auto back tack facilities to be the most ideal. Auto foot lift enabled me to sit in a relaxed position without taking manual efforts for operating the machine. All the machines I purchased are in faultless operating condition. I never have to waste single penny for its maintenance.

After few months, I decided to buy reconditioned sewing machines, for my new factory at another city. I must say, I could have rarely found any dealer as perfect as this one. The dealer has massive stock of around 7000 sewing machines with ready possession at the warehouses. Once again, I bought few machines. I use them for stitching various types of clothes such as jeans, shirts, t-shirts, serge, carpet, blankets, and bags and so on.

All the reconditioned sewing machines were, checked carefully before selling it to me. They checked all the spare parts and replaced few since it was mandatory. Every single part of the machine was scrutinized accurately. They cleaned it with chemicals and electrically polished it before sending the shipment to my factory. One of my friends suggested me to buy refurbished sewing machines from this dealer. These lockstitch sewing machines had been tested with all stitching operations. Dealer also provided me with complete set of accessories. In addition, I got inspection certification and guarantee card. Instruction manual included in the package has helped me a lot to understand the functionality and features of the machine.

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