Best Online Retail Business Practices


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While online retail has taken the net by storm, there are still a few rules that continue to be the best bet for anyone who wants to succeed. Retail online is a competitive world and one that takes no prisoners. If you want customers that come back time and again you have to leave them with a good feeling when they do business with you. They are the backbone of your business, and when you wow them, you make it easier for them to not only love your business but come back for more. Here are a few tips for giving your online retail business that wow factor that delivers happy and loyal customers.

Give Them the Best Price

In online retail, even more then in brick and mortar, retail price is a big driver. For many businesses, it may mean bundling similar items to make the price more appealing. Whatever it takes, know what the competition offers and never lose sight of the fact that price is what keeps many coming back on the net. It is just too easy to compare to ever see this as a secondary consideration.

Keep Shipping Simple

One of the big stumbling blocks for many online retailers is the buying process. If the process for making an online payment is difficult to understand, they may abandon the entire idea and leave. Shipping costs often factor in this equation. If you average your shipping costs as a part of the price, this will allow you to offer “free shipping” and gives many customers a sense of satisfaction. This is easier when you know which of the many payment platforms can deliver the results. Finding the best payment platform is easy with payment solution companies such as AltaPay, who can factor all these costs in while determining the best delivery system. It may feel complicated from your side, but to the customer the simplicity of it is golden.

Keep Contact Open

Even if your follow-up letter is automatic, having one is another way to keep that contact open with your customer. Don’t leave them feeling like a number, treat them with the same courtesy you would if they were a face to face customer. A short email with information on their purchase and even a contact for your store can make a huge impact on a first time customer.

Clarify Any Returns Policies

This is an area that can cause huge grief, from both sides of the transaction. When you clearly state on your site and while making a purchase how long they have to return an item it is a good step. If you charge for re-stocking make sure that this is clearly stated on the site and not in an obscure section or page. Working with a client to help them resolve any return problems can sometimes turn a nightmare into a return customer. Never assume they are on the take, most customers simply have purchased the wrong size or color and would be delighted if you helped them to find the product they actually wanted. In the end the old adage is correct – the customer is always right.


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