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In the fast moving world we always rely on internet for each and everything.  Growth of internet has brought tremendous change in our business and society. Thus they started to rule each and every aspect of our life by making it simple. Internet has brought tremendous changes in our life. One of such thing is Craigslist. Yes you read it right. As everyone know they one of the classified website. They are mainly devoted for housing, community services and jobs. Initially they started as email distribution services then they expanded to classified categories. Get detailed information about them by clicking here .

How it works

Unlike others craigslist flows unique strategies for all your marketing services. This strategy allows users to post anywhere in the craigslist. Irrespective of your place you can promote your ad anywhere. Thus it creates good awareness among customers.  It works completely in an automated manner.  You also have 24 hours customer services to sort issues whenever needed. It has an interactive dashboard which helps user in tracking all their posting and promotions.

Steps involved in using Craigslist:

Ad Creations

Choose your platform for ad Posting

Track all your Ads in dashboards

Ad Creation:

It is one of the most important part of Ad Campaign. Make sure that your ad is something innovative and creative. Since people watch millions of online ad, you must be something different and unique in order to stand out. No matter it is text or graphic based ad, provide crispy contents. This works because people love to keep it simple. No one has time to sit and read the entire content fully. As your ad gets ready, simply login your dashboard. Created ad submitted as tickets for the support team representative.  This is just a formal review by the team to check if the ad meets guidelines. If everything is perfect you get email notification to login to your dashboard. Then you must response back to ticket which enables customer services make your ad live. All this entire process will be carried out within 24 to 48 hours.

Choose your platform for Ad Posting.

Once your ad is created you can target is as per your requirements. It is not necessary all ad should go all cities. You can create a list of places where it your ad should be shown. Here craigslist displays list of places and services under which your ad can be posted effectively. It’s like creating a target list of customers for particular services. They also offer various packages and plans as customer needs.

Tracking all your ads:

As ads goes live all activities are tracked in dashboards. This dashboard is so interactive that it shows multiple tabs.  First page displays main information. Then dashboard provides numerical and geographic display. It displays all details & current status for live ads.

Interested and want to know more details about craigslist then you must click here to know full information.

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