8 Interesting Facts about Domain Names


Did you know that in the world already exist more than one million domains registered for each active website? Day by day this number is growing like the universe, with at least 100.000 domains take or gives a few thousand. There is a website where you could check the number of registered domains only by checking out the Internet Statistics which is on WHOIS. The internet is growing so huge and with such a rapidly pace, that is hard to keep moving at the same speed with it. Here are 8 interesting facts about domain names and how they managed to evolve over time throughout the internet.

  1. The first domain that ever appeared on the internet was the .com. The website that used this was named Symbolics.com and this was the first domain that was ever registered in the world. It was originally registered in year 1985 on 15 March and this made it the oldest domain in the world and is still active today!
  2. In the past years until the year of 1995 the domain name registration was completely free for everyone who wanted to create their own website or to have their own domain. So, as year 1995 started a new company named Network Solutions had the grant for authority to start charging for the domain names. Firstly, this was really expensive, like 100$ for two years of registration and then dropped to 70$ after the past two years. The internet Corporation for assigned names and numbers was then formed to control the domain registrations and along with this the prices also dropped drastically
  3. The most expensive domain registration in the world is the Nigerian one. The Nigerian domain extension that appears as .ng is the most expensive internet domain that you can register and it can cost up to more than 40,000 US$ per year only to register.
  4. Another interesting fact is about Google. Google was supposed to have the name Googol.com as Larry Page, the Co-founder of Google said. He said that Googol was spelled wrong, but this was still a good thing. It was a good thing because Google.com was still available since Googol.com was not. Although, it worked out well in the end and now all people know what Google is and use its facilities.
  5. Brian Sharpies, the CEO and Founder of Home Away made the most expensive buyout in the world for a domain. He has bought VacationRentals.com for the price of 35$ million US$ in 2007. He affirmed that he managed to pay this amazing price for it only for the reason that in that way, Expedia could not get to have that url.
  6. The most common domains are the three-character ones. They are the most common and the most searched out because they are the easiest to remember. Unfortunately, since the year 1997 most of the three character domains have been taken or bought and if you want now to have your own three-character domain. Internet becomes more and more expensive day by day so do not miss your chance!
  7. There is one person in the world name Mike Mann that is holding the record for having registered the most domains in one day. His astonishing domain buys were not less or no more than 14,962 domains just in one day. He was also asked why he bought so many of them and what he would like to do with them and he answered that he was just greedy and he wants to own the world. He was joking, anyway.
  8. Also one more interesting fact about internet and domains is that you can have your name cancelled if the information on your domain registration is incorrect. Also you can have it cancelled if you fail to respond to a register inquiry that gives you 15 days to complete and answer everything that you need.

As to put it in a nutshell I would highly recommend you to choose your domain name wisely. Many business name ideas or business names are chained to the website or domain name? Why? It’s because here is where everything starts, on the internet. Also the internet is the place where you can start a whole new world for yourself and share it with others. Many people nowadays are rich because they started an internet business when internet was just created and now are the chiefs of internet. Some of these are (Amazon, Aliexpress, etc). Do not miss your chance and show your worth!

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