7 Ways to Handle Job Stress


At some point, everyone has to deal with job stress. In certain situations, this stress can actually motivate you to increase your work performance or complete projects on time. Though, for many, job stress can lead to a variety of negative effects.

Over time, continual job stress can lead to a drop in productivity, inferior work performance, lack of communication, and even disputes with co-workers. These issues should not be taken lightly. It is estimated that about 40 percent of workers feel their job is stressful. On top of that, about a quarter of workers consider their job to be the primary stressor in their lives.

How do you deal with job stress? Discovering useful methods of coping with or managing stress can help you avoid depression, anxiety, boredom, low employee morale, alienation, and absenteeism. A high-stress situation can cause you to get burnt out and feel over-worked.

If you are being to feel over-stressed due to your work commitments or job environment, here are 7 useful tips that you can use.

#1 – Take Time Off

One of the simplest solutions for handling job stress is to take some time off from work. If you have available vacation time, take a break or a vacation. Even if you can only afford an extended weekend off, this time away can help you recharge. You can take this time to explore other options, see your stress in a different light, and come up with additional solutions for when you get back to work.

#2 – Set Realistic Expectations

You should have realistic expectations about what you can accomplish in a single day. Many workers place too much of a burden on themselves. When you try to take on more than you can reasonably handle, you are setting yourself up for failure. This adds to your stress. When you go about your daily tasks, make sure that you are being honest with yourself about what you can actually complete by the end of the day or the work week.

#3 – Organize Your Workplace

If you have control over your work environment, you should ensure you have an organized workspace. For example, if you work in an office setting, take the time to organize your desk. File papers away, throw away unnecessary notes, and clean up. While you are at it, keep a calendar or memo pad nearby. You can easily create a task list for the day and keep your priorities in order.

#4 – Talk About Your Stress

One of the best ways to let go of stress is to vent your frustrations. Talk about your job stress with someone close to you. This could be your partner, a friend, a family member, or even a therapist or counselor. When you realize that you are not alone and actually blow off some of your steam, you should feel at least some of the weight come off of your shoulders.

#5 – Recruit Positive Co-Workers

In most job settings, you will not able to accomplish everything on your own. Begin building a support team within your office or workplace. Find co-workers that are on the same wavelength as yourself. Having co-workers that can assist you when you become overburdened can be a huge help to reducing your stress levels.

#6 – Put Your Job in Perspective

Another way to combat job stress is to put your job into perspective. You need to realize that your job is not your entire life. Your family and friends are what is truly important. While it may not always seem like there are other opportunities out there, if you begin searching for another job, you may be surprised by what you find. Also, as you start looking for other jobs, you might find that your old job stress is less of a concern.

#7 – Find Humor in Difficult Situations

As a final tip, you should try to find humor in difficult situations. When you take yourself too seriously, you are more likely to get stressed out when things do not go your way. Do not take a setback or late task drag you down. You should do your best to keep a positive attitude by finding humor in these situations. Try to lighten the mood when it is appropriate.

Workplace stress is becoming a major concern. Employees and employers should take this issue seriously. As an employee, use some of the suggestions provided to handle your job stress. For employers, try to promote an atmosphere of openness and communication.

The simple truth is that nobody is perfect. Stress is something that will come and go in almost any job situation. No one should have to deal with unnecessary stress, especially in a work setting. Keep these tips in mind so that you can begin appreciating your job or career and avoid some of the symptoms of job stress.

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