3 of the main reasons that apps crash


As more and more of our everyday computing is done on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, we are becoming increasingly reliant on apps. For consumers, an app that is unreliable or crashes when it’s used can be a very frustrating experience, especially if it’s something they rely on to access important data.


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A poor-quality app is going to drive users away from your brand, with surveys showing that only 16 per cent of people are willing try a failing app more than twice before ditching it. It is equally worrying that more than half of people have experienced some sort of problem with a mobile app. A poorly performing app could therefore cost your business money and customers. Using a website testing service can help you avoid problems caused by these common issues.

Not enough testing

Testing should be a vital part of the development process, but all too often, it’s left to the very end of the cycle, which can make it difficult to correct some problems. A mobile development company needs to conduct testing at every step of the process to ensure that bugs are eliminated in order to deliver a smooth experience for the end user.

Memory use problems

Mobile devices often have a limited amount of memory available, so applications that don’t use it effectively can cause major issues. Companies like https://www.bugfinders.com/ can help spot memory issues, including those that are caused by interaction with other apps. The latter are a common cause of problems, so ensuring that your app works well with others on the device is vital.

Too much code

The more lines of code that are used to make up an app, the more chance there is that it’s going to contain errors and the harder they will be to find. Simplifying the code is always a good starting point for creating an app that is reliable and runs smoothly. It also makes the testing process simpler because there’s less scope for errors.

There are other reasons that apps might crash; these are just some of the most common ones. Most crashes can be avoided if your app undergoes a thorough testing process before it is released to the public. Testing is a good investment in creating a quality app.

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