10 Top Tips For Business Energy Efficiency


Running a business can seem a constant battle to keep Kashflow in a healthy state, whilst still operate and grow your company. One way to do this is to look at business efficiency’s. There are many ways to be more efficient whether it’s improving business processes, reducing bottlenecks or even money saving through utilities and everyday running expenses.

One headache for business owners is knowing exactly how to make business energy efficiencies and which will make the biggest difference. Here we outline 10 top tips.

  1. It’s Everyone’s Business –If you want your staff to implement any energy saving tips, it needs to come from the top down. There is no point in switching to energy saving strategies if your CEO isn’t involved too. Energy saving isn’t just about fancy posters and powerpoints.
  2. Switch To Energy Saving Lightbulbs – Take a note on the rating of the bulb and make sure you go for the newest designs for the best energy savings as some of the older LED designs are not as efficient. Take a note of your existing output needs to make sure you get sufficient lighting for your needs.
  3. Switching Off Lights – This is one of the most obvious ones. Switching off lights becomes everyone’s responsibility and can make a huge difference if it becomes a habit. You could also consider motion sensor lighting, which will automatically switch off lighting for areas which haven’t been used for a while and switch on once they detect movement.
  4. Air Conditioning – With temperatures increasing each year, air conditioning can be a tricky subject to approach with employees, all having different heating needs. Even reducing your heating and air con by 1% can make a huge difference over the year. Make sure the heating is switched off before it reaches 21*c.
  5. Use Hibernation Or Standby Modes On Electrical Devices & Switch Off When Not In Use – Modern laptops or computers have hibernation modes. These basically put your computer to sleep after a period of inaction but also save your work as it is. Powering down devices at the end of the night will also help.
  6. Invest In An Energy Audit –According to Peter from ECA Group Ltd “After an initial assessment of your current energy use, companies can suggest ways to improve energy efficiency and negotiate with energy suppliers to get you the best deal.”
  7. Solar Panels – Although these can be quite costly initially, over a number of years you can quickly recuperate the cost via feed in tariffs and lower electricity bills.
  8. Remote Working And Meetings – Remote meetings via Skype or GotoMeeting can save time, energy and petrol. Encouraging employees to work from home can also cut costs if applicable.
  9. Recycle – investing in a waste management company to recycle your ways can bring in great savings on cardboard, plastics, metals and even clinical waste.
  10. Washrooms – Consider implementing hand dryers instead of paper towels. This could help reduce operation costs by upto 90% in some areas.

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